BBC News – Boy Scouts of America keeps gay ban

by Charles Cherry

The Boy Scouts of America will not change its policy of excluding gay scouts and scout leaders, following a secret two-year review, the group says.”

Thank God for this decision by the Boy Scouts. The scouts were established as a Christian organization, and homosexuality is clearly condemned in the Christian (as well as the Jewish) scriptures.

If homosexuals want to join a group of like-minded people, that is their right, but they need to stop trying to force others to accept and accommodate their perverse sexuality. Maybe the homosexuals should start their own scouting organization, and stop trying to infiltrate the Boy Scouts of America.

By the way, this is not an “equality” issue, comparable to the Civil Rights issues of the 1960’s. Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, and thus “equality” and “rights” have nothing to do with  this situation.

via BBC News – Boy Scouts of America keeps gay ban.