Miss Dim Kho Neng, Rest in Peace

by Charles Cherry

The friends and family of Myanmar Hope Christian Mission are mourning the passing of Miss Dim Kho Neng.


Miss Dim Kho Neng

Miss Neng was a single woman who sacrificed her own happiness and chance for marriage by raising her younger brothers and sisters after the early death of their parents. By the time she had raised all of her brothers and sisters, Miss Dim Kho Neng was considered too old to be “marriageable.” She subsequently lived a life of a poor widow.

About three years ago Miss Neng began receiving a monthly stipend of rice and other necessities through the Family Support Program of Myanmar Hope Christian Mission. Her American sponsor was a single American woman who felt great compassion for Miss Neng after hearing her story.

Miss Neng began feeling pain in her abdomen about a month ago, and was taken to Tamu for treatment. There she received an operation. Miss Neng died last Sunday as a result of complications arising from the surgery.

Miss Neng was a strong, dedicated Christian woman. We rejoice, knowing that she is now safe in the arms of her Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.