OK, it’s time to come clean…

by Charles Cherry

MaryAnn and I have been on a diet for the past two weeks. I’ve never been very good at diets. I love to eat, even when I’m not hungry, and the food I love the most is high-fat, high-calorie, not-very-healthy stuff. You know what I’m talking about. Even when I’m not eating junk, I still have problems losing weight – I have a relatively low metabolism and a mostly sedentary job. (MaryAnn also has a very hard time losing weight – even harder than me).

I’ve been hovering between 235 and 240 for a few years now, and most of the time I felt pretty comfortable. My blood pressure is good (always within the normal range). My cholesterol is great (my “bad” cholesterol was 85 at my last physical, and my “good” cholesterol was in the middle of the normal range). I’ve never had any (physical) heart issues.  I rarely get sick, and I’ve always been very healthy. Except for my weight.

When MaryAnn approached me about this diet she heard about from friends at church, I was a bit skeptical. We tried Weight Watchers a few years ago, and I got down to 224, but didn’t keep it off. I had been feeling pretty uncomfortable lately, though, so I was willing to try it out.

The diet plan was offered through an acquaintance at church, a chiropractor. We went to a small informational meeting, and decided to give it a try. That was two weeks ago, on Monday, January 31st.

I haven’t shared with anyone yet that we are on a diet, but this morning I finally broke a major milestone – the 220 barrier (I was 219.8 pounds). I feel much better, I’m sleeping better, and I have more energy. My clothes don’t fit much differently yet, but I think that will happen over the next two weeks.

My next milestone is 215. I’ve been losing an average of about a pound a day, so I hope to make my next goal by Sunday. My goal is to get down to 205, a level that I haven’t weighed in years.

In case anyone is interested, we are using the Ideal Protein diet plan.