Back from the other side…

by Charles Cherry


Faces of Myanmar

One of the many pictures I took in Myanmar


MaryAnn and I just got back from Myanmar last Thursday, after being there for about three wonderful weeks.

The trip coming home was much harder than the trip going there, but I don’t know why. Maybe it was because we were a lot more tired than we realized, or because we had an extra layover in Dallas, or maybe it was because of the rotational direction of the earth.

We finally felt like we were recovering by Sunday morning, but about 4:00 pm we were exhausted again. Now it’s Monday, and I’m feeling pretty good, so maybe the worst of the jet-lag is behind us.

I really loved being there, and I can’t wait to go back.

You can see some pictures of our travels in my Picassa album:

I’ll be posting more as I have the chance to sort through them all.

Many blessings to you, and Happy New Year!