National Portrait Gallery Removes Video Deemed Offensive –

by Charles Cherry

The Smithsonian did the right thing, in my opinion, by pulling this offensive garbage from their gallery. Trash like this is not art – it is the self-expression of someone with a twisted worldview who believed he was making a “statement” by deliberately violating a religious icon. Should such junk should be labeled “art” merely because the creator claims to be an “artist?” I think not.

According to the piece by the NYT, The director of the gallery, “…said he recognized that the removal of the video opened the museum to criticism that it was censoring itself.”

Why should the museum be criticized for that? We all censor ourselves all the time, and well we should. The only ones who will criticize the museum for pulling this trash are those who somehow think this kind of trash is art.

As someone else in the article pointed out, the museum would not show a similar exhibit using an image of Mohammed, would they? And why not? Because they know that Muslims around the world would react with violence. In other words, they self-censor when it is in their own private interests to do so.

National Portrait Gallery Removes Video Deemed Offensive –