Metabolic Pathway Chart

by Charles Cherry

Metabolic Pathway Chart

Metabolic Pathway Chart

Take a look at this chart:

Metabolic Pathways Chart

Now try to imagine how all of this just happened by “random chance” and “purposeless processes.”

Of course, this chart only represents a tiny, tiny, fraction of the extreme complexity of one small part of the human body.

Now multiple that complexity by millions, perhaps billions, of times over for all of the various teeming species in our biosphere.

Then add to that all of the billions of species of plant life, which might not be as complex, but are certainly more complex than the average mind can grasp!

And now try to imagine all of it “happening” by “chance,” through mindless, random, purposeless processes.

This is what the Secularists want us to believe.

But it seems to me that it takes more faith to believe in a purposeless universe than it does to believe in a Purposeful Creator.

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