Prayerful Meditation

by Charles Cherry

I can’t remember where I found this, but I pulled it off the web somewhere and emailed it to myself. I found it again while cleaning out my inbox. I’m posting it here so I won’t lose it again 🙂

Prayerful Meditation

READY (about 5 min.)  Conversation is developed out of an interior calm of resting, waiting and listening.  Seek to be still.

READ (about 5 min.).  Read the text of the Bible slowly, savoring it, listening.  Be aware of words or phrases that draw your attention.

REFLECT (about 10 min.)  Allow the word or phrase to engage you.  Analyze with your mind.  Use your imagination.  Bring your whole self to enter into the passage.  Prayerfully and steadily focus on it.

RESPOND (about 10 min.)  Respond in prayer.  Ask God what he is saying to you.  Dialogue with God about what you are feeling or hearing.

REST (about 5 min.)  Rest quietly in the presence of God.  Focus all your mental and emotional attention on God.

RETURN (throughout the day)  Return to your meditation and reflections throughout the day.