Elena Kagan : Murder Advocate

by Charles Cherry

In his post over at NRO, Yuvel Levin points out the recent news that Elena Kagan, while working as a staffer in the Clinton Administration, actually re-wrote the famous position paper of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists on partial birth abortion (read:murder) because she thought it did not make the case for baby killing strong enough:

The War on Science – Yuval Levin – The Corner on National Review Online.

What is so galling about this, beyond the fact that this monster is currently being considered for a life-time appointment to the highest court in the land, is that a supposedly “impartial” physicians group was infiltrated and manipulated by Clinton and Kagan for pure politics.

Levin is correct – if Kagan were a conservative, and she had done this to “strengthen” the case for banning embryonic stem cell research, or something similar, she would be Borked right out of the Senate chambers before she knew what hit her.