Now THIS is good customer service…

by Charles Cherry

This morning I fired up APEX SQLDIFF, a tool that I use to compare and synchronize databases. The program bombed at start-up – something to do with configuration errors or something. My company recently installed SQL 2008 and I think this might have screwed with some registry settings or something.

Any way, a window popped up with the error message, a field for me to enter any comments, and a listing of the error details. There was a button that said “Send to APEX support.” So, I filled it out, clicked the button, and sent the message.

About 30 minutes later I get a message in my inbox from an APEX support person, apologizing for the error and promising me that they were working on solving the issue. She said she would notify me as soon as they figured out the problem, but that she had also posted the problem on their community message board for me in case someone else had experienced the issue and could comment on it. The message had her name, phone number, and even her profile picture.

When I submitted that bug report I figured it would get logged in a database somewhere, and that would be it. Her personal response was a complete surprise.

At the bottom of her message was this tagline:

“How’s my Support? Exceptional Product Support is our goal.  If you feel that you have not received this level of service, please contact Brian Lockwood, the President of ApexSQL LLC at

Now that is what I consider to be good customer service.