The Internet still amazes me…

by Charles Cherry

So I opened up my Google Reader page today, and one of the blogs that I subscribe to,, has a few new posts. I quickly glance through them and notice this post:

blog shot

I thought to myself, “That name looks familiar.” When we lived in Morton, MaryAnn worked with a lady named Wendy Hixon, and I knew that she was married to a guy named J.B., and that they moved to Houston. MaryAnn visited them down there about nine years ago, with our Brazilian exchange student, Cice. We have since lost track of them.

So, I copy the link, send it to MaryAnn, and ask her – Is this Wendy’s husband? Sure enough, it is. And of course, MaryAnn has just been thinking about them recently! She was wondering how they were doing, where they lived now, and all that. So now she has a way to get in touch with them again!

MaryAnn has this incredible “sixth sense” about people. She will think about someone she hasn’t seen or spoken to, usually for months or even years, and then within the next few days she’ll get a phone call from them, or an email, or something like this post comes along. This has happened so many times since I’ve known her that it doesn’t surprise me anymore. Is this a God-thing, or an incredible series of coincidences, or what?

Anyway, the Internet is a great tool, in a lot of ways. It sure does make the world a much smaller place!