Why Are American Christians Still Buying Chinese Products?

by Charles Cherry

According to a recently leaked internal government report out of Communist China, the Chinese Communist Party waged a secret campaign against unregistered house churches for nearly six months, from mid-June until the end of November.

The majority of China’s Christians are members of “unregistered” house churches. These believers do not want to subscribe to an organization controlled by atheistic Communist party leaders, and want to worship God in freedom. While things have gotten better in China for “registered” Christians, it is still a dangerous place for “non-registered” Christians.

My question is, why are American (and other Western) Christians continuing to prop up the Chinese communist regime by purchasing Chinese-made goods? Granted, it is getting more and more difficult to even find products that do not sport the “Made in China” label, but should we not at least try to find such products?

The Chinese government has one of the worst historical records when it comes to human rights abuses. They prop up the brutal dictatorships of both North Korea and Burma, which two of the absolute worst persecutors of Christians. China’s leaders are using God’s money, which American Christians spend on Chinese products, to persecute and discriminate against our own brothers and sisters in China, North Korea, Burma, and elsewhere.

I guess I already know the answer to my own question. Most Americans, Christian or otherwise, couldn’t care less about our persecuted brothers and sisters. Sure, they will pay “lip-service” to them, and act shocked and saddened when they hear tales of beatings, imprisonments, persecutions, starvation and disease. They do not, and will not, make the logical jump to the realization that they are part of the problem. And once the next commercial comes on, they will have forgotten all about it anyway.

The small minority who are aware of the problem, and are concerned enough to change their own lifestyles to try to make a difference, do not even register a tiny blip on the economic radar screen.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.