The Beautiful Lights of Christmas

by Charles Cherry

Lights of ChristmasI get almost sick to my stomach as I drive around town and see all the little white, red, green, and blue Christmas lights strung up around houses and draped over bushes and trees. My bet is that about 99.9 percent of all these lights are made in China.

According to WorldServe Ministries, many of these strings of lights are made by Christians performing slave labor for the Chinese government (read the story here). I don’t doubt the story is true. I don’t know the numbers of people involved in this form of slave labor, but even if there are only a few people involved, that is too many.

Americans rush to the stores this time of year and spend hundreds of millions of dollars on more stuff that they do not need. Some of those millions are spend on Christmas lights and decorations, and the vast majority of those items are made in China. Americans rejoice because they can purchase lots of stuff really cheap.

If the people who string little white lights all over their houses were to spend one day with a person forced to put those strings of lights together with raw, numb, bloody fingers, would they change their buying habits?

I hope so, but who knows now days, when so many are worshiping at the Holy Temple of the Almighty Dollar (i.e., “The Mall”).