Is the Hammer Poised to Fall?

by Charles Cherry

9/9/07 – The hammer of the military government seems poised fall on the heads of the people once again.

Yesterday they interrupted the state television broadcast to issue a warning to the protesters. They did not give any details, but if the past is any indication of the future, the people are in for a rough ride.

The one difference between 1988 and today is the Internet. In 1988 hardly anyone in the west heard about the crackdown in Burma, save perhaps for a few sound-bites on CNN and the other news networks. Today, anyone with Internet access can get nearly up-to-the-minute news on what is happening over there. Hopefully that will deter them from just spraying the crowds with machine-gun fire like they did last time…but since they are not accountable to anyone, maybe they don’t care.

When will the West really stand up to these thugs? When will the US freeze the assets of the Burmese Junta the way they did to Sadaam’s Bathist regime? When will companies like Unical and Daewoo stop propping up the dictators with their oil and natural gas billions?