Lou Dobbs Talks About Education

by Charles Cherry

I’m not a big fan of CNN’s Lou Dobbs (I’m not a big fan of CNN for that matter), but I saw a summary of this article in an RSS news feed, and it piqued my interest. The article is OK, but what is interesting is his call for the President to do something big and important to try to fix the deplorable public school system in America, and thus save his (Pres. Bush’s) legacy.

I’m glad that someone with Dobbs’ platform is talking about education, but there isn’t really anything that the President can do about the problem. Hasn’t he already tried and failed? What about the “No Child Left Behind Act,” which pumped billions more into the educational money-pit we call “public education”?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again now, to fix public education in America we will have to change the way we select and educate our teachers. As long as institutions like Illinois State University keep churning out under-educated, socialist edu-crats who care more about making children feel good than about teaching them what they need to know, nothing will ever change. In all likelihood things will continue getting worse and worse.

A good book on this subject is Inside American Education by Thomas Sowell.

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